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Seeking revenge, Valetika Romanoff flees a group of mercenaries as she tracks down a high-profile banker believed to be behind the Replecan Program. Her Replecan implant allows her to access technology at lightning speed.  Now she must learn to control it before it fully controls her.


Valetika Romanoff, has been implanted with a nano-device that is slowly evolving and enhancing her sensory abilities. She is an anomaly, the world’s first bio-computer who Valetika affectionately names Que. Que allows for lightning speed wireless access to any technology on the planet in addition to attempting to become self-aware. She was abducted as part of the Replecan Program, a thought to be defunct black ops program that had been re-initialized turning sleeper agents into programmed killers. Whilst hiding out in the mountains Valetika is attacked by mercenaries, Que utilizes its quantum computing speed and Valetika uses her extensive combat and tactical training to evade capture and neutralize the threat. Valetika determined on revenge hunts down those responsible for both her abduction and the death of her parents. Deputy Director Sinclair MI6 and Deputy Director Stone MI5 together with crypto specialist agent Emsworth, GCHQ London attempt to prevent the breach of the agencies high level servers. Dreydon is dispatched to locate her whereabouts and bring her to safety. Cross-checks acquired from GCHQ reveal, the breach is from a remote Finland station and was accessed by Agent Carter. Utilizing sophisticated tracking software, Emsworth believes that he can locate Valetika. She identifies an extremely dangerous assassin code name Thadmus, an encounter throws Valetika into a blind rampage. Valetika finds the answers that have haunted her past, and the government agent responsible for the death of her parents.