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Seeking revenge, Valetika Romanoff flees a group of mercenaries as she tracks down a high-profile banker believed to be behind the Replecan Program. Her Replecan implant allows her to access technology at lightning speed.  Now she must learn to control it before it fully controls her.



Valetika Romanoff, has been implanted with a nano device that is slowly evolving and enhancing her sensory abilities. It has created the worlds first bio-computer. It allows for lightening speed wireless access to any technology on the planet. The chip was introduced when she was captured as part of the Replecan Program, a thought to be defunct black ops program that had been re-initialized turning sleeper agents into programmed killers. Whilst hiding out in the mountains and awaiting the return of Special Agent Elise Carter Valetika is attacked by a group of mercenaries, she uses her extensive combat and tactical training to evade capture and neutralize the threat. Against the repeated warnings from Agent Carter, Valetika decides to exact revenge and hunt down those responsible for her abduction and the death of both of her parents. Deputy Director Sinclair and Deputy Director Stone of MI6 and MI5 together with agent Emsworth at GCHQ in London, England attempt to prevent their heavily fire-walled servers from being hacked. The breach results in highly sensitive material being accessed and downloaded. Agent Carter returns to the hideout to find Valetika gone. Unable to reach her, Agent Carter arranges for Dreydon, a hired hand to locate her whereabouts and bring her to safety. After running cross-checks at GCHQ, it is uncovered that the breach is from a remote location in Finland and was accessed by Agent Carter. Agent Emsworth believes that he can locate Valetika using sophisticated tracking software and he is ordered to rendezvous with Valetika. Valetika captures Max Holderman and extracts information. She is befriended by a homeless man whom she names Checkpoint. She finds the first human connection since her troubled childhood. She accepts Checkpoints offer of help, when she identifies an extremely dangerous assassin on her trail by the name of Thadmus, who has been sent to kill her. When Checkpoint is shot by a gang of thugs Valetika goes on a blind rampage. The chip slowly starts to take over her mind. Struggling to remain responsive from the debilitating headaches Dreydon comes to her aid. Before taking her to Carter she convinces him to take part in one last mission before she joins Agent Carter. Together they find the government agent responsible for the death of her mother and they expose their actions to the world.