RATED 14A - Violence & Course Language

Caught in a web of deceit, a young woman must unravel her past in order to save herself from a group of government covert operatives. Sixteen year old Valetika Romanoff awakes to find that she has been captured by a group of renegades fronting as covert operatives.

She has no memory of how she arrived there and no memory of her past. She is told by Secret Agent Elise Carter that she is a product of the Replecan Program a defunct black ops program that has been reinitialized. She has been fitted with a nano device that is able to control her thoughts and her actions. As Valetika is interrogated by Carter she is put under hypnosis to reveal her handler by the name of Dr. Thorensen.

Re-tracing her steps Valetika comes to find out the frightening truth that her identity has been stolen and she is the daughter to Elise Carters twin sister. Valetika hires Ethan Ryker as her personal bodyguard. Ethan has his own personal interest in Valetika. When Dreydon, a hired hand abducts Valetika she reveals her true identity before being forced off the road. Retracing her steps is Ryker thwarts the traitor in Carters team and saves Valetika in the nick of time.