Action Film - RATED 14A - Mature Subject Matter

Honorable Sins



Winner or the "Excellent Film Award"  & Best Woman Director 

Following the brutal murder of a young girl, townsfolk attempt to rid themselves of a ruthless gang of traffickers with the help of a washed up fighter. 

When a Cassy Ann Miller is found beaten and brutalized everything changed. The small town of Heraldsberg turns to a drifter by the name of AJ Rennik. Rennik is a washed-up fighter roaming from town to town searching for his son. Evie is a young woman who constantly finds herself in the sights of Adrien and his boss Corsetti. Corsetti is a local businessman who deals in favors for unsavory characters owns and runs the town at his own pleasure.

When Corsetti finds out Rennik was a past prize fighter he seeks to recruit him into his fold. Rennik refuses and creates yet another enemy. Evie is pressured by the town folk to befriend Rennik in order to find the people responsible for Cassy Ann's murder.

Evie reluctantly approaches Rennik who refuses to help. Evie runs into Adrien who works for Corsetti and takes pleasure in tormenting Evie at every opportunity. When Evie retaliates Adrien sets out to teach Evie a lesson. Adrien is taken down by Rennik and they demand to know who took Cassy Ann. Adrien spills the beans and lets Rennik know that there are some goings on at the old barn. When Evie is abducted Rennik sets out to find her captors and puts an end to Corsetti once and for all. Cassy Ann's mother is consoled when Rennik and Evie bring Donnie Deakin to justice.