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Infraction Media produces top Action and Martial Arts Movies. We provide Martial Arts training to upcoming actors for action. Home of top TaeKwonDo and Martial Artist, Action Star and Fight Choreographer Sunny Singh.

 We are a group of dedicated Martial Art practitioners who love Action Movies. We work with a small group to bring exciting action to the screen. When the Shaw Brothers started their work they revolutionized the Martial Arts Movie Industry. We look to work towards our own style of Martial Arts movies that utlizes real martial arts without the aid of CGI.

Founder Suza Singh is a top Woman Action Director, Writer and Producer she has practiced Martial Arts for over 30 years and is constantly working on her skill-sets.

We hope all Martial Artists will support our work, it is our hope that we will both work with the top Action actors and support the creation of them.

Infraction Media
704 41 Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 3Z7, Canada

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